OpenTV EPG (Electronic Program Guide)

EPG - Electronic Programme Guide

a) User Interface, interaction and visual design of Electronic Program Guide to support winning pitches in Asia. Established colour schemes, visuals and interactions that were culturally aware and would assist new users in understanding how to use it. Crafted an interface with additional new central cross navigation. Drafted walk-throughs for software engineers, including animations to describe interactions and produced all graphic assets. Result: Three major networks in India now run OpenTV middleware and the EPG I designed. Positive business was achieved in China and the initial efforts have seen business in this market also grow to be one of the largest.

Clarfiying my thinking on the cross guide by doing some sketches.

b) Overhauled the EPG to reflect the new features and UI developments in a compelling manner for inclusion in application catalogue. Contemporised the visual componentry of the EPG to a slick, black and red combination to reflect innovative changes within new interaction and UI modes.

EPG Home Pop-Up

Summary of my contributions to this project:

Wireframes UI design (User interface design) Interaction design Visual design Design Documentation Adobe Photoshop

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