Movie Content Delivery Prototype for Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes

Presto Process

After some initial strategy discussions I made myself more familiar with the Presto offering and got to know their content.

I then examined areas where changes could be made to our content delivery products that would not incur a large labour overhead on Nagra’s part.

I drafted sitemaps and user flows to identify the location of new content and ensure consistent Presto content availability across devices.

I sketched wireframes to work out new navigation and UI ideas.

I refined the elements from my sketches.

One user flow from the home page to their goal of watching a movie.

Based on this ground work a low fidelity prototype was made and showed to users of this product. They liked that they could access all their usual content and the experience was consistent across different devices.

I developed a Presto branded visual design and used HTML5/CSS3 to create a high fidelity prototype, ready for the software engineers.

Summary of my contributions to this project:

IA (Information Architecture) Sitemaps User Flows UI Design (User interface design) Wireframes Low fidelity prototype High fidelity prototype Visual Design Adobe Illustrator HTML CSS
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