Channel Branding Scheduler

Helping broadcast schedulers focus and reduce eye fatigue

I designed a new UI for a broadcast scheduling application. Based on user interviews done by another member of our team, I transformed the UI and UX of this app from one that induced eye fatigue and heavy cognitive load, to one that helped the user to focus on the task at hand and to move through their scheduling tasks more comfortably.

Schedulers were working with very tightly spaced cells of information with little differentiation from one information type from the other. They would often gloss over the same piece of information more than once in order to find the information they wanted to work on.


My solution included: giving each piece of information a little more space, increasing the text size, visually delineating different types of information, increasing the distinction between states of selection and obscuring information not currently in use, so as to reduce visual clutter.

I created some paper prototypes for the schedulers to look at and got some great feedback about needing to be able to see other related scheduling tasks. Super users may also want to open all programmes they aim to work on for a period of time and just work through them. Alternatively, they may want to apply the same promo to multiple programme segments over a period of time. Not a problem. They can select multiple programmes, multiple segments and apply rules or add saved promos to multiple segments if they choose to.

It can be challenging to encourage long-term users to accept UI changes and working with them and invloving them in the process means they have the ability to help shape what they'll be working with and this is really appreciated.


Summary of my contributions to this project:

User Flows
Wireframes UI design (User interface design) Paper prototype Visual design Adobe Illustrator

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